Some people say that A RAY OF SUN A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY…and that it makes people happy and the world cheerful, warmer, and brighter.
Sunlight, when absorbed in moderation, happens to be one of the greatest healing remedies that is found in nature. The sun provides the energy that I need in order to exist on this Earth.

It gives me a healthy, glowing look, makes my skin smooth, stimulates my appetite, and improves my metabolism.

It contains the most effective, natural healing agent that can give me a lift when I feel down. It soothes my nerves and boosts my mood, leaving me with a sense of well-being. It increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in the brain, which makes me feel much better. In general, when I get enough sunshine during the day, I sleep much better at night, as sunshine increases the production of melatonin by the body.

So, summer, the season of sunlight, is obviously more conducive to happiness than any other season, and it can do wonders for us.

Let’s throw out everything that we have heard about the evils of sunlight, and just kick back and bask in the sunshine to our hearts’ content, while seizing life, chasing dreams, and doodling in between.

In this issue, we take a look at some of the world’s most fascinating underground attractions, from the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky–the world’s largest known cave system–to the historic Catacombs in Rome. We examine the world’s most polluted cities, such as Mexico City and Hong Kong, and describe the devastating toll that toxic matter in the atmosphere is taking on the health of their inhabitants.

Closer to home, we take a look at the ecological crisis that our country is confronting, as well as the paltry efforts that the Ministry of the Environment is making to rectify this situation. We talk with two local pioneers of eco-tourism, Karim al Khatib of Eco Village in the Chouf and Tania Nader of La Maison de la Fôret in Jezzine. Finally, we interview one of the few true ecology supporters in Lebanon, MP Samy Gemayel, who discusses his concerns for our environment and explains some of the reasons for the government’s failure to address this issue in a serious manner up until now.