A first of a kind environmentally focused magazine. In a short timeframe, Beyond has gained ground as an indispensable environmental guardian. It is an artistic publication that focuses on the environment, nature-related issues and green lifestyle. It covers pressing local and international stories of relevance in a very visually appealing medium.

UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Robert Watkins granted a Green Award to Beyond Magazine


The aim of Beyond Magazine is to offer the best manners to benefit from the natural resources and provide guidance to the people to preserve the same and ensure sustainability by preventing their degradation and to showcase the negative effects resulting from the bad exploitation of these resources and their prevention yet to work on changing the mentalities of individuals and groups by teaching them how to treat environment and encouraging the public to participate effectively in caring for environment through media as the best mean to transmit realities.

Launching of the French edition of the environmental magazine “ Beyond “

Owner and General manager Pascale Choueiri Saad Co-owner Ronald Saad Editor-in-chief Pascale Choueiri Saad Chief Environmental Consultant Edgard Chehab Environmental Consultant Bassam AlKantar Copy Editor Jody Jaffe Art Director Zeina Moawad El-Hajj Responsible Director Antoine Hajj

Contributing Writers Tamara Batshon, Alia Fawaz, Bassam AlKantar, John Gray, Nour El Hachem, Varouj Tenbelian, Malek Hakim, Ginou Choueiri, Dianna Tannoury Guest Photographers Phillippe Khoury, Olivier Scheffer, Karim Thoumy, Dianna Tannoury, Ginou Choueiri, Avedis Kalpaklian, All Rights Reserved Printed by Chamas for Printing & Publishing, Mazraa, Colombia Center Advertising & Marketing FST, info@fivestarstourism.com Editorial enquiries mag.beyond@gmail.com