Beyond Magazine offers a wide range of information about Environment in Lebanon and Worldwide and thus keeps visitors highly informed about the events that affect their lives.

The website also offers a unique and powerful Website search engine, which helps the users easily find information.

Beyond’s sophisticated and educated audience makes the site an attractive and effective place for advertisers and marketers: advertisers will now target an educated and informed crowd with purchasing power.

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Banner Technical Specifications

Ad Specifications:

Beyond Magazine accepts ads in most formats, including GIF, JPEG, animated GIF, Java, and flash.

Banner Specifications:

Horizontal Banner Ad

1 – 728 x 90 pixels

2- 468 x 60 pixels

Vertical Banner Ad

1 – 120 x 600 pixels

2- 160 x 600 pixels

Square Banner Ad

1- 300 x 250 pixels 2- 336 x 280 pixels

3- 200 x 200 pixels 4- 250 x 250 pixels