The notion of peace in our life is sometimes taken for granted, depending on where we live. Places with high crime rate, corruption, little or no freedom of speech, and constant wars raging, rob citizens of their sense of security and well-being. We all deserve our basic human right to live in a safe and peaceful environment but that is not the case in too many places today. Here are the nations listed as the most peaceful in the world by the IE P (Institute for Economics and Peace). They are clearly doing something right….

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It's Oh So Quiet
Switzerland has received the lowest score for political instability and has low levels of violent crime.
Although Switzerland is known for its neutrality in regional and global political issues, it maintains strong diplomatic relations with many countries around the world.

It's Oh So Quiet.

Denmark tops this list and the Danes are renowned for being friendly too.
Even while Copenhagen was under occupation by the Nazis during World War II , it still did not fight.
It seems that Danes prefer to focus on economic matters, instead of engaging in armed conflicts.
According to the Global Peace Index, Bhutan is also among the 20 most peaceful countries on Earth.
The mostly Buddhist natives are known for being cultured and peace-loving, with a deep reverence for nature.

A relatively new country, the Czech Republic gained its independence from the Soviet Bloc in 1989.
Since then it has largely concentrated on building a strong capitalist economy and creating a stable climate for investment.


Slovenia surprisingly makes this list but it does comply with the measures of most peaceful countries.

Maribor and Ljubljana are wonderful cities teeming with unique culture worth visiting too

Since World War II , Japan has been really peaceful, with little internal conflict and low crime.
The country relies on an internal security force in order to maintain the peace.
Slovenia surprisingly makes this list but it does comply with the measures of most peaceful countries.
Maribor and Ljubljana are wonderful cities teeming with unique culture worth visiting too.
Iceland has managed to steer clear from the main conflicts in the world and remains an exciting tourist destination filled with spectacular natural beauty.
Norway is the country with the highest level of human development in the world and the government always places peace at the forefront of the nation’s priorities.
Situated in the heart of Europe, Belgium is one of the best and most peaceful places to live that has low homicide and imprisonment rates.
Its capital, Brussels, is home to the European Union and NATO .
Finland is still a country that embraces mandatory civil and military service, yet its only participation in fighting has been as a part of joint United Nations peacekeeping forces. Finland places education at the heart of literally everything. Its education system is ranked fifth best in the world.
Mauritius was ranked the most peaceful country in the whole of Africa.
This island country boasts relative stability in the region and promotes itself as a trusted platform for wealth management services and estate planning.

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