What if there were a commandment on a worldwide scale that said:

“Thou Shall Respect and Protect Nature”?

Could humans, think, believe, and act differently? For instance, could they change in their daily existence in order to honor, preserve, and enhance the resources of Nature?   

Do we really have the courage to judge ourselves? To take a closer look and ask, how innocent are we really?

Would you confirm or deny that we are guilty as charged, by killing the forthcoming existence of the only environment designed for our unborn children? Are we honoring our parents’ unborn grandchildren?

What about the ethical conduct

that is required towards all living organisms on Earth?

Are we not being accused of stealing the wealth of the Earth, of raping the stability of our ecosystems, disfiguring the staggering beauty and richness of our woodlands, compromising our waters, polluting our soils, endangering the air that we breathe, all instead of preserving and safeguarding and engineering ways to recompense Nature?

Can anyone deny the devouring desire and vanity of human beings in displacing Mother Nature’s necessities?

Let us go back to the beginning, when nature was brought forth, and every tree that grew was pleasant to the sight and good for food, and THEN, in the midst of the garden, there it was: “The Tree” of the Knowledge of Good and Evil:  the “Tree of Life.”

We have got to change to make the right choices, for we must be always reminded: Mother Nature, that breathtaking and stunning beauty, has another, vengeful side, an outrageous force that sweeps us away with one swift change in the atmosphere. This is a tough “Mother,” not to be messed with.

We, humans, have not yet breached the main boundaries, which prohibit us from ever being sanctified, because of our uncaring approach, continuous mismanagement, abuse, and destruction of mankind’s greatest blessings.

Let us embrace the challenges that we face, by respecting, protecting, safeguarding, improving, learning, engineering and constructing… all to save Nature.