Pascale Saad



With so few trees in the city and so much misery of all kinds surrounding us, how could we ever expect to see a ray of hope coming? The skies weighed so heavily above us that we were forced to believe that the longed awaited feeling of rebirth would never actually come. It’s as if life was missing its most important season, the one that would release us from all those years of living through hell’s worst kind of psychological torture. This seemed so much to be our sad reality and only truth until that one morning when the invisible force of Mother Nature brought back the sun. After those frightening days when we were made to think that hope was no more, finally the season of rebirth made its return. Perhaps just as we always knew that the river would always flow again after it was frozen, deep down inside we always knew, despite the odds, that there would always be the spring. And of course spring didn’t arrive alone; with it came the thrill of discovery and the desire to dream, to delve into the unexplored and the unknown, pushing us outside our comfort zone and elating us on a daily basis. And this, I hope, is exactly the same path along which the content of this magazine will lead you. Enjoy your reading, and enjoy a great spring season.

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