from a scientific viewpoint, rain has immense benefits for the earth: it’s a source of fresh water, nurtures plants and agriculture, and it can reduce water bills for those who know how to store it.

But for me, rain is a different story: it’s a kind of love story…
i love the rain, in my own way.
i love sitting inside, cocooned in my warm bed watching the rain trickle down my window.
i love its smell: that gorgeous, sweet scent of earth newly stirred by the rain. i love its sound: that natural, rhythmic pitter patter whose beauty makes me catch my breath.
i love its calming influence. it’s hard to explain, but there’s something special about it. i can sit and listen for hours to the tiny sounds of raindrops that make everything else seem so huge, so endless.
i love the feel of raindrops falling on my face, washing away my sorrows like a kind of shock therapy.

And i love thunderstorms: the torrential rain, the howling winds, the roaring thunder-claps, the sky-splitting flashes – it’s all so majestic and powerful. i love that tense silence before the first low rumble. then, the rain comes, slowly at first, but heavier with each passing moment. that climatic point that comes before it ends and fades away is my favorite: the culmination of deepening intensity acted out in a theatrical tour de force. that’s when it starts purring, purring endlessly… to the backdrop of a sky cloaked in darkness and beauty.