Diana Tannoury

In you, my beloved, my dreams sought

a lightness of being, a thought

of moonlit blue skies,

the color of your highs

Into you my earth, my roots bowed,

into lush green heavens, they grew,

into rivers, oceans and seas

blissfully, I flowed

In our kindred souls, my companion,

our laughter resounded,

my journey, your footsteps gently threaded upon,

through a lifetime, our joys echoed

In freedom of life,

in sunlit dawns, moonshine on fields,

in heavens’ dew drops on thirsty flesh,

naked, my spirit rejoiced

In the dimples of innocence,

the gurgles of faraway lands,

the scents of angels,

the secrets of the beyond

held in the tiniest of hands

In the miracle that I am,

In love, in nature, in friendship,         

In my spirit that drew me in,

In the gift of life that came through me,

There dwells happiness…