Every spring that I witness inspires me with the desire to go wild, with a deep need to explore places where nature has not been re-arranged by the hand of man. This spring, as usual, the wilderness instinct in me propels my dreams for real adventures, either in the world, or only in my mind. It makes me want to go beyond textbooks and travel out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the intact and undisturbed natural areas that still remain on our planet.
In order to discover different (inner) journeys, I have learned to teach the caged knowing who I really am and forgiving who I am not, and by not changing myself into someone else or trying to be what someone else wants me to be. It took me cherish the wild side of my personality and to discover the things that are positive stagnant, peppered with depression, darkness, and hopelessness. It also took me some time to realize that freedom consists as much in being amongst those around me as it does in being away from them. Guided by the urge for independence, I live to free myself from the shackles of other people’s expectations of me, for when I day, I stop making judgments and try my best to accept myself and love the other.
I have come to the conclusion that allowing deep wounds to stay open is very harmful. Slowly but surely, I have become content, sometimes wildly ecstatic, and blissed-out, but most importantly, free.
Here I am today, treasuring my dreams, knowing that I have so much more than
I realize, feeling the dew on my face early in the morning and the wind whipping through my hair. I ignore the criticisms of other people and the negative vibes, and avoid the materialism and the gilded cages that they provide. There is no place for anger, no place for discontentment, for I have realized that my inner needs are far more important than other people’s acceptance, tolerance, or approval.
I know who I am and what I want, and I strive for the freedom to enjoy the adventure of life. And this is something I am inspired to feel by the greatest teacher of them all, Mother Nature. After having read my words, I hope that each and every Beyonder will become as wild as I am. sustainable restaurant in the United Kingdom. Travel with us to stay at the best eco-escapes for this summer, located in the Maldives, in Sweden, and in Italy. Explore with us the Louvre-Lens museum in France, which constitutes a Zen-like created in the summer of 2012 around four kilometers off the coast of Nahr al native forest trees in this country. Finally, we appreciate the efforts that are being undertaken by a local landscape and design technology company to create a green roof on the top of the central Bank of Lebanon.