In the forest where I go when I feel oppressed and tired, I have realized lately that life is all about appreciation and gratitude. If one could appreciate and be grateful for nature and focus on all the beauties and splendors of the Earth, then more goodness live. However, if one complains and surrenders, then that is where his focus will be, and he will attract more negativeness to himself.

In the forest where I go when I feel washed-out, trees have enhanced my vision of life by miraculously removing all feelings of stress. The whisper of trees has the power to bring back the good energy that the city had made me lose. In the depths of the forest, in which I choices and positive attitudes.

All that I do is trust in this natural phenomenon as an unfailing truth and thank God for the many sacred gifts that He has given me.

In the forest where I go when I feel bored and useless, the smell of pines has taught me to listen to the inner wisdom of my soul… and not the random opinions of others, to live by choice… not chance,
and to pursue my quest for inner peace. As I sit under the shadow of a tree, I feel protected by its leaves. I regenerate in the shelter that Mother Nature has granted me and it is only in this moment of delight that I accept each chapter in my life story as vital to my growth and my journey toward the goal, no matter how difficult that episode may be.

 In the forest where I go when I feel unscure and vulnerable, a glance at the tall, majestic trees give me confidnce and  faith in myself. The sense of wonder becomes within reach and living takes on the meaning of focusing on what is, right here, right now, and that is happiness!

If you, dear reader, haven’t visited the forest yet, you may have been living your life in a whisper. Just for today, take one step toward living out loud and free…Pump up your volume, stand up for yourself, and go green and “Beyond”!

In this issue, travel with us to see some of Europe’s most famous forests, such as the undisturbed forests of Romania, the beautiful forests in the High Pyrenees in France, and the pine forests in the Tatras Mountains in Slovakia. Stroll with us through some of France’s most enchanting gardens, such as the Luxembourg Garden in Paris and the Gardens of Versailles. See how German architect Jürgen Mayer H is bringing architectural rebirth to Georgia.

Closer to home, this issue deals with the problem of the pollution of the Litani River. We also look at how a local company, Hawwa Akkar, is encouraging the use of wind power in the North. We examine the progress of the Ministry of the Environment’s National Reforestation project. Finally, we evaluate the contribution (or lack thereof) that Lebanese political parties are making to the protection of the environment.