There are souls who make things better… simply by breezing in. There are souls who make things happen… simply by making a difference. There are some who make their way… simply by creating their own path to happiness. There are souls who make us smile. There are some who possess wit and wisdom and who, through guts and courage, make us stronger. And there are a few who change the world every day by acting….

I call them the doers…
…A bunch of people who always want to do things. They want to accomplish and achieve, make the scales even and do justice. They can’t stay still. They have dreams, plans, vision, passion, and the enthusiasm to turn their hopes into reality.
They want to change their country, their city, and their people–to make them better, bigger, and greater.
They may not always succeed, but at least they try. And try again. And try harder… They don’t believe in failure or in defeat. They They, the doers, have adopted «the pace of nature.» Their secret is patience.

In this issue, we invite you to join us for a visit to some of the best eco-resorts in the world, such as Vil Uyana in Sri Lanka, the Scarlet Hotel in the United Kingdom, and the Treehotel in Boden, Sweden. Button up for the cold and come with us to slide down some of the top eco ski resorts, such as Whitepod in Switzerland and the Hotel Kakslauttenen, located in the Article Circle in Finland.

We will also explore some of the dramatic natural wonders to be found in Russia, including the Valley of Geysers in the Kamchatka Peninsula, Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus and the Golden Mountains of Altai in Siberia.

Getting back to local reality, this issue deals with matters such instead of just concrete. We examine the toxic effects of the phenomenon of burning tires in the streets as a form of political protest. We look at the potential for developing hydropower as an alternative source of energy. Perhaps most important, we consider once it is approved by Parliament. Enjoy your winter reading…