The time when the lebanese were so obsessed with their own plans for “a better life” that they took advantage of any resource available to them – regardless of the cost or consequence – has luckily begun to fade away.
In the recent past, the notion of “environmental protection” for most people was more of a remote, Western luxury than a reality related to their own immediate lives. Ecological behavior during that period was rather primitive and limited, and so was national responsibility towards the massive pollution and destruction posed to the environment.
But hope floats, as we are witnessing more and more heightened ecological awareness among people
and professionals. Individuals are taking personal symbolic action in rejection of destroying what
remains of the environment. Various industries, such as construction and banking, have joined in. And major newspapers, magazines, and TV stations are dedicating columns and featuring regular programs on the environment.
so sustainability, recycling, and organic produce … are becoming more than just words in people’s everyday lives, psyche, and priorities, while pollution and climate change are no longer distant concerns we refuse to trouble our minds with.
Today, the government, the media, organizations, and the public, are all jumping the green bandwagon and developing an “environmental conscience”… and wide-scale green awareness is happening, slowly but surely…
As its third edition hits newsstands, Beyond has gained ground as an indispensable environmental guardian, given its ability to expose and criticize wrongdoers, command good deeds, and communicate with the public. It has performed its core goal with much passion, commitment, and accuracy. And it was welcomed with arms wide open. We can say with confidence that it is serving its purpose well. We see more green hope ahead… long live green lebanon!