Today companies around the world are leading the way in green initiatives, adopting a wide range of admirable, in-house sustainability practices such as ambitious recycling programs and the installation of low-energy systems, in addition to financing external green projects of which they want to be a part. In many cases, they are motivated by cost savings and of course, a desire to protect our planet by reducing their carbon footprint. In Lebanon today, many banks and leading companies are actively engaged in green corporate social responsibility programs.

Here we look at ABC

What are the energy projects ABC is engaged in?

ABC, the Lebanese retail pioneer, launched an unprecedented sustainable eco-friendly project in Lebanon that employs photovoltaic energy to generate electricity. ABC launched the very first Photovoltaic power plant, which is designed to convert solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. This large scale project that occupies 4000 m2 spread over ABC Achrafieh’s landmark dome and flat surfaces above the food court and cinema space, constitutes one of the biggest green initiatives undertaken by a Lebanese corporation. Upon its implementation, this project was anticipated to provide a capacity of 0.45 MW that is enough to power ABC department store. The Photovoltaic power plant has made all the difference. In 2015, ABC succeeded in generating 31% of the needed electricity at ABC Ashrafieh department store, which is enough power supply for 300 homes. We are extremely proud of the results it has shown so far, and we are confident that they will reflect positively on us in the long run.

What is ABC doing in-house to limit and reduce its ecological footprint?

In collaboration with Zero Waste ACT, a Contra International initiative, ABC has been both sorting, recycling and compressing its waste, thus reducing its volume. This waste management campaign aims to minimize the mall’s waste, including those of its employees, tenants and customers. With its slogan “Join the cycle”, ABC’s campaign is promoting good waste practices among the Lebanese by implementing a series of procedures within its malls. These include: introducing recycle bins, distributing educational materials, conducting educational games for children as well as setting up promotional platforms on the importance of recycling. The company has also distributed waste sorting tote bags to its customers in order to elicit sorting as a habit, thus individually contributing to the dissolution of the waste crisis. By the end of 2015 ABC had recycled more than 100,000 kg of recyclable materials, which is equivalent to eight times those recycled in a Lebanese municipality of 800 people if taken within that same time frame.

ABC also held a series of scientific awareness workshops within its branches in Achrafieh and Dbayeh in the presence of ABC’s CSR ambassador Nadine Labaki. These workshops benefited a total of 1500 school students and many customers from all age groups. This came as part of ABC’s efforts to spread environmental awareness and a culture of waste sorting and recycling, especially among children who are the future of our country.

ABC was also a pioneer in promoting a smoke free environment on its premises.