Between the stinking pollution and the wastes mess, lebanon is disappearing. Between overpopulation and random constructions, Beirut is vanishing. Whatever happened to our
city? It used to be fertile ground for striking, majestic trees and amazing, old homes. now it is nothing but blocks of concrete, suffocating our vision.
Beirut used to be called the temple of knowledge, the paris of the Middle East – descriptions that made us proud. so how do the lebanese and Beirutis accept that their city be called a “capital for concrete”? Have we turned our city into an anti-green and ugly monster?
And we as citizens, what are we doing to protect our surroundings? Beirut has lost its landmarks and
charm. We must wake up because climatic changes are eating away at our nation, and green spaces and the environment are being raped by random building permits. our city is screaming for mercy and compassion. Its butchers are known, having their fun, pulling out the trees, destroying gardens, and ripping its green heart out!
We must reject what is going on! We are the ones responsible for the reforestation of lebanon and maintaining its eternal motto “Green lebanon”.
I am among those who aspire to give Beirut a civilized face to show the world… killing trees is like killing people. There is no sense of civilization in that! It is a barbaric side of us, which we should not accept as a trait of ours!
We must work to give our city some oxygen, to create a beautiful healthy milieu. It is time to act and turn our city to a better place to live in. let us fight a different fight… fight to recreate Beirut, a heaven on Earth as it once was!
Who’s with me? By continuing to be a Beyonder, it means you’re with me in the fight! Happy one year anniversary to us and to you lovely Beyond readers. Thank you for believing in us from the very start and taking a chance on us! We told you we will not disappoint you! With your strength, we keep rising higher and Beyond!