The World Press Photo Foundation announced the nominees in each category of the 61st annual Photo Contest and the 8th annual Digital Storytelling Contest.

This new announcement process includes, for the first time, naming the six nominees for the World Press Photo of the Year. The winner of the World PressPhoto of the Year and the winners in all categories will be announced at the Awards Show in Amsterdam on 12 April.

Environment, Nominees

Attack of the Zombie Mouse
Environment, Nominee singles
Thomas P. Peschak
South Africa
A juvenile gray-headed albatross on Marion Island, South African Antarctic Territory, is left injured after an attack by mice from an invasive species that has begun to feed on living albatross chicks and juveniles.
Back in Time
Environment, Nominee singles
Thomas P. Peschak
South Africa
March 11, 2017
An historic photograph of an African penguin colony, taken in the late 1890s, is a stark contrast to the declining numbers seen in 2017 in the same location, on Halifax Island, Namibia. The colony once numbered more than 100,000 penguins.
Amazon: Paradise Threatened
Environment, Nominee stories
Daniel Beltra
United States
February 18, 2017
Deforestation in the Amazon, Brazil. After declining from major peaks in 1995 and 2004, the rate of deforestation in the Amazon increased sharply in 2016. 19 January – 18 February 2017.
Hunger Solutions
Environment, Nominee stories
Luca Locatelli
January 20, 2017
Innovative agricultural practice in the Netherlands has reduced dependency on water for key crops as well as dramatically reducing the use of chemical pesticides and antibiotics. At ‘Food Valley’, an expansive cluster of agricultural technology start-ups and experimental farms hint at possible solutions to the globe’s hunger crisis. 2 October 2016 – 9 March 2017.