Many people will tell you that going to India has been the most memorable and life- changing trip in their lives.  India is a fascinating nation brimming with life – from the colors, the food, the people, to its beautiful natural landscape. India is not a country that you simply see but one that you really feel. It awakens your senses in so many ways that you cannot help but feel the happiness. Going to India can change one’s life perspective because it has that unique ability to make you feel truly alive.  Its undeniable positive vibes have touched so many visitors, including a few friends and regular contributors to Beyond.

“India is happiness,

India is positive vibes,

India is the most beautiful colors in the world,

India is good people, generous souls, and India is everything else you read about.

People might be poor, but loving; they can give you  the only piece of bread that they have.

India is rich in love, compassion, and help.

India is healthy;

you go there and you leave  all your worries behind.

The peace that its people inspire in you is not found anywhere in the world, even in the most luxurious places.

They are poor, but they have the greatest smile, the widest open arms, and the tiniest gifts that you can never give away, but will keep next to you.

India is the most beautiful country that I have ever visited… palaces, temples, eco-friendly villages, nature, respect for the animals, for Earth and for humans.”

Lara Hanna Debs