DW next traineeship program begins on September 1, 2018.

Applications are open from December 1, 2017 to January 29, 2018.

DW are looking for young people from all over the world interested in a comprehensive, exceptional quality journalism program with an international broadcaster. Candidates should have journalism experience or be passionate about switching to journalism from technology/IT, economics or the sciences.

DW are looking for open-minded people full of creative ideas. The program covers the range of skills a journalist of the future needs: TV moderation, multimedia storytelling, data journalism, social media and virtual reality – in seminars, workshops and of course the DW editorial offices and our correspondent bureaux in Washington, Moscow and Brussels. DW trainees are involved in long-term innovative, international projects and have been honored in past years with the CNN Journalism Award and the Grimme Prize.

Eligibility Requirements:

Deutsche Welle’s new traineeship is designed for inquisitive, open-minded, critical journalists who view journalism as more than a profession – for them it’s a passion. Trainees require some journalism experience and above all linguistic talents. We’re looking for:

• native speakers of English who have acquired a basic working knowledge of German prior to the start of the traineeship and who have one additional DW language
• German native speakers who are able to report in English and who also have a good working knowledge of another DW language
• native speakers of another DW program language (specifically Turkish, Russian, Farsi, Kiswahili and Hausa) with a good, working knowledge of both English and German.

Requirements: For the bilingual DW traineeship are looking for:
• English native speakers with a good working knowledge of German
• German native speakers with an excellent working knowledge of English
• Native speakers of another DW program language (specifically Turkish, Russian, Farsi, Kiswahili and Hausa) with a good, working knowledge of both English and German.

Candidates must also have completed a university or college degree or apprenticeship.

At the core of the training is a total of six months of theory and practice-oriented seminar blocks looking at everything from journalism basics and live reports to data-driven journalism and mobile reporting. Multimedia is not just a buzzword here – it’s how we work. And it’ll be the way you work, too – in seminars, editorial departments and your final project. By the end of the traineeship you’ll be an expert in multimedia storytelling.


Deutsche Welle’s new, redesigned traineeship offers the complete ABC of journalism from live television reporting to multimedia storytelling. The 18-month multimedia traineeship is for online, radio and television and comprises:

• six months in total of theory as well as practical training seminars held in English and German with instruction by working journalists
• nine months of placements with various DW editorial departments in Bonn and Berlin, and including a placement with a DW foreign bureau in Brussels, Moscow or Washington
• a one-month placement with DW’s partner broadcaster, Deutschlandradio
• a one-month placement with a media organization of your choice
• one month of vacation

DW journalism traineeship

• 18 months
• trainee salary
• international broadcaster in 30 languages
• crossmedia: TV, online and radio
• six months of seminar blocks
• internships in Berlin and Bonn
• placement with DW foreign bureau
• international multimedia projects
• well-known media trainers

Seminar modules

Three innovative, practice-oriented seminars are at the core of Deutsche Welle’s traineeship. The blocks lasts two months each and are conducted in English and German.


As part of the traineeship you’ll complete internships with the editorial departments at Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandradio. The internships are chosen to reflect your interests and talents.

Internship Elective

This is where you have a chance to organize your own internship just about anywhere in the world. We’re available for tips and suggestions.


For the first six months of the program, trainees earn a pre-tax salary of 1,590 euros per month. This increases to 1,790 euros a month before tax for the following six months. For the final six months, trainees earn 1,855 euros per month before tax.
Deutsche Welle’s traineeship is a full-time program. In exceptional cases, temporary employment outside of the program may be approved.
For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2018 DW journalism traineeship