Instead of trying to find a solution to the problem of the distribution of roles within the government, some irresponsible people have been concerned by a rumor that increases popular concerns about a future that no longer supports instabilities. There is no need for a guide to affirm or refute what reality reflects.
Instead of dealing with custom files, or at least trying to speed up the implementation of solutions to protect citizens from toxic problems that elevate Lebanon to the top of the list of affected countries in the region, some are worried about spreading poisons in the form of suspicious campaigns that deepen the frustration of the people. How to explain the current attack against the governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh? These criticisms are based on non-scientific points of views and target Mr. Salameh sometimes through financial instigations that have avoided in Lebanon many foreign exchange risks and have strengthened the stability of the national exchange rate, and sometimes through the implementation guard against the collapse of the Lebanese Currency.
But campaigns are not new to this quarter-century leader. The critics which accompanied his four mandates have aroused feelings and mobilized consciences for the same purpose: they have denied all his wise achievements that have avoided many crises and shocks to the monetary, banking and social sectors.
Should a lawsuit be brought against Riad Salameh for isolating the Lebanese Pound from political influences since the 90s, maintaining its stability and preserving the purchasing power of the Lebanese? Or because he put a stop to the speculations that helped some people make enormous wealth to the detriment of the poor?
Did Riad Salameh deserve severe sanctions for eliminating bank failures and bankruptcies and for putting things back on track when he had to adopt Baloise standards and take banks into account? Or for imposing an enforcement process to combat money laundering, or for removing Lebanon from the blacklist, making it a financial partner? Or for imposing on banks adherence to the international and US sanctions imposed to drain Hezbollah’s funding sources, to ensure their own security?
Is Riad Salameh accused of saving Lebanon from the distractions to which his politicians have trained him? He is the one who received the highest honors in more than one international forum as “best governor of the central bank”? Or because he launched engineering, especially since Paris 2, when he provided the government with $ 8 billion in financing at a zero interest rate and which was distributed equitably between the Central Bank of Lebanon. and the banks.
Riad Salameh is accused, he is dismissed from his duties as governor even if he does not resign, his image and his reputation are defamed even passing by his health. This is indicative of the baseness of speeches whose purpose is to prevent him from accessing Baabda.
Riad Salameh, you are accused of never abandoning the principles of the Bank of Lebanon. You are accused of trying to control the rate of inflation to preserve the wages of low-income people. You are accused of attempting to spare Lebanon a series of salaries and grades by submitting your opinion to Najib Mikati’s government over the five-year period, which has allowed the government to provide the necessary funds and economy to absorb inflation. You are accused of maintaining monetary stability on the day of the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, during the July 2006 war with Israel, and on May 7 when Lebanon nearly exploded. You are accused of evading the Money and Credit Act when you expanded the scope of your mission seven years ago in order to support the economy through a set of measures that improved interest rates on loans banking, especially for housing, allowing you to make loans of $ 7 billion.

What now?
A week ago, Mexican President Andres Obrador announced the bankruptcy of his country because of economic problems and the inability of his country to cope. Two days ago, the President denounced the “bankruptcy of Lebanon” in response to a systematic campaign that reaches all the hopes attached to Cedar and the promised gas wealth. Bankruptcy has certainly affected the ethics, principles, and level of discourse and communication of those obsessed with power and money.

Save Lebanon and the Lebanese and fear God!


Source|Violette Balaa|

Translation | Pascale Choueiri Saad

Epargnez le Liban et les Libanais et craignez Dieu !

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